Glass Eject-a-Bowl + Downstem*** -   Smoky Bubbles. Anywhere.
BACK IN STOCK NEXT WEEK! Glass Eject-a-Bowl + Downstem*** -   Smoky Bubbles. Anywhere.

Glass Eject-a-Bowl + Downstem***

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*** Please Note that this is an Accessory, and DOES NOT INCLUDE ROLL-UH-BOWL® ***

Attention glass lovers, we now carry Glass Eject-a-Bowls!

Back from an epic hike or day on the mountain and not worried about breaking glass? Now you can swap your alloy Eject-a-Bowl for a Glass Eject-a-Bowl while you're chillin' on the couch. Ready for another adventure? Leave the Glass Eject-a-Bowl at home and don't worry about breaking it when you're Hitting it on the Go.

 Translucent Blue • King size Borosilicate Glass Bowl • Tube (stem): 9mm • Full length: 110mm • Grommet: high-temperature silicone • Composite Downstem The 1-way ball keeps the water from blowing out. • Ball prevents water backsplash / creates bubbles! • Holds Bowl snug in place